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Another Guide For Hair Extensions!

Another Guide For Hair Extensions!

May 09, 2023


Derek Lemon

Hand-tied extensions have evolved over the past few years and have taken the hair industry by storm! What was once a relatively unknown service has turned into one of the highest-demand services we have seen in the hair industry. From clients wanting long mermaid hair at the snap of their fingers, someone who wants to enhance their natural length to add fullness, or someone who needs a corrective install to camouflage breakage, hand-tied extensions offer a universal fix for just about everyone.
Most of the misconceptions of extensions stemmed from when they first came to light with people worrying about damage to their natural hair or having their extensions never blend with their haircut/color. Where these were valid concerns in the past, the hair extension game has brought a more comfortable and lightweight feel that can now blend seamlessly with your hair for a natural look! With the right hair extension line, you can custom color your extension shade to match any color your clients are trying to achieve! Hand-tied extensions can now offer a comfortable, seamless install with no damage or discomfort! Ask your stylist about Golden Strands Extensions for our personally recommended line!
For those of you who aren't very familiar with hand tied extensions, here are a few key things you should know!
What are Hand Tied extensions?
Hand Tied extensions are a specific type of hair extension. Many people think hand-tied extensions are the specific install method, but it's actually how the hair is made! Hand-tied extensions are exactly as they sound; and are literally handmade! These offer the flattest install possible while still being able to achieve a very full, voluminous look! There are many ways to install hand-tied extensions, but the most common and effective way to install them is with a foundation of beads that your stylist will create in a placement that is catered to your hair density/needs, and then the hair is sewn onto the beads using a very thin piece of thread. Once your hair is installed, you can immediately go about your day as you normally would with an elevated look! See our beautiful Kelsie below with over 6 rows!
Kelsie has over 6 rows of extensions!
What to expect when it's time to remove your extensions.
We talked about the ease of installing your new investment, but the extension removal process is even easier! Whether you are removing your hand-tied extensions for a move-up appointment or taking them out for a break, the removal process takes 3 very easy steps! 1) You start by taking small scissors and cutting the string to remove the hair from the track of beads. 2) Next take a bead remover tool and unclamp each bead and they slide right out of your hair! 3) Now that you've fully removed your hand-tied extensions, just brush your hair and you're good to go!
How much of an investment are Hand Tied Extensions?
When we experience clients coming in for an extension consultation because they are interested in trying out extensions, one of the top questions we get asked is how much will this service cost. Hand-tied extensions are one of the most luxurious services you can book with a stylist due to the time and skill it takes to learn how to properly install extensions, and the price does reflect that. One of the many benefits to hand-tied extensions is it isn't one size fits all! Like I mentioned earlier, there are a number of ways you can customize hand-tied extensions to fit in with your lifestyle and budget so you can experience the wonders of hand-tied extensions. The cost of the hair can range from a few critiera. First will be length. Here at Mykala and Co we stock 22" and 18", but if needed we can custom order 26", 16" or even 12" extensions! Every extension line has a price variation depending on how many grams each pack of hair entails, so do your research and find the best option that's suited for you! Golden strands extensions upgrade their packs to contain 130g instead of the typical 120g. Another reason we recommend purchasing quality hair extensions for the best coverage. Example client is shown below. See how much more length and fullness she has?!
Dramatic before and after of breakage to length!
Are Hand Tied Extensions damaging to your natural hair?
Compared to other extension methods that are available, Hand-tied extensions are one of the few methods out there with little to no damage to your natural hair. Now with any form of extension method you choose, there will always be a chance for damage to your natural hair if you do not follow the at-home care instructions that you should be getting from your stylist due to the fact that it is added weight and strain on your scalp and hair. Luckily, Hand Tied extensions are extremely easy to maintain at home, which is what puts them in such high demand! As long as you are going to a licensed and certified extension stylist and following the aftercare instructions, the hair extensions themselves will not damage your hair!
How long do Hand Tied Extensions last?
Hand-tied extensions are amazing at holding their quality as you wear them, but there could be things you are doing at home that can shorten the life span of your beauty investment. One of the leading causes of excess damage to your extensions are the heat tools you use, and how often you are applying heat to your hair. I know I speak for everyone when I say I love a good beach wave and want it to last as long as possible. That can easily be achieved while still maintaining the health of your extensions! Make sure your iron temperature isn't turned up all the way and you are using a heat protectant recommended by a stylist every time you apply heat to your hair! This minimizes the potential for split ends and keeps your hair nice and strong! On average, Hand Tied Extensions can last up to a year after your first install if cared for correctly! Make sure you are visiting your stylist in the recommended time frame for your move-ups so they can treat the extensions and give proper care to them when needed! We also suggest applying U Oil daily and getting a great Shampoo.
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